Prayer Weeks

Prayer is central to everything else that we do at Emmaus Rd. It’s the very heartbeat of our community! Our vision is to be a house of prayer for all nations. The two main ways which we engage in prayer as a community are through our prayer weeks, and at Kingdom Come evenings.

These prayer weeks take place in our prayer room. Twice a term we open our prayer room for bookings- individuals, couples or groups can book hourly slots and the aim is to fill every hour, day and night, for a full week of uninterrupted prayer! We often increase these to more than 7 days due to high demand!

As people have spent time in there we’ve seen many answers to prayer. We regularly redecorate the room around a particular theme and it’s always an amazing space to get away and spend time with God through prayer, worship & creativity. This term we will have a prayer week from 16th-22nd October, and another from 4th-10th December.