The one where we shared a Buddy Box – Emmaus Rd

Love Your Neighbour

The one where we shared a Buddy Box

The one where we shared a Buddy Box


10:30am - 12:30pm
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As a church we are determined to reach out and be family to each other! One of the ways we are encouraging each other to do this is through ‘Buddy Boxes’ – a box of picnic treats to share with a friend!

Sign up for your free Buddy Box, then all you need to do is collect it from the carport at The Founders Studio between 10:30am and 12:30pm on Saturday 19th June, and share the delicious treats and some quality time with a friend, neighbour, or anyone of your choice.

There are two boxes on offer:

1. Bevvies With Buds (Non-alchoholic beers & snacks)
2. Tea for Two (An afternoon tea!)
(We also have a gluten and dairy free box for anyone with these dietary requirements!)

Make sure you sign up by the end of the day on Monday 14th June, and remember, each box is enough for two people!