Homeschool resources

An army of teachers and education professionals from Emmaus Rd have put together an incredible resource to help anyone in need during this crisis. It may be you are receiving plenty of resources from your child’s school, but need additional activities to keep them entertained for a couple hours, or it may be that you are feeling completely lost and a little burdened by home schooling and need inspiration for structure.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, we are hoping this will bless you in some way. Please note, we will be aiming to provide support for everyone from primary school to university level in some way.


  • A weekly newsletter (sign up here!) packed full of resources, a suggested timetable (if needed) and extra activities to keep kids of all ages entertained (Key Stage 1,2,3 and 4).
  • Ideas and resources for Year 11, KS5 and university students looking to fill their spare time. We will share links to interesting lectures or free courses.
  • Please click here to find a sample of what will be emailed out on a weekly basis for each Key Stage group. This sample is for year 7-10 but the material you will receive each week will be specific to your child’s age group.

Additional support

As well as this, our team of teachers and education professionals are available to support you or your kids with any specific questions you might have. Just email We have teachers available to answer questions and give advice for the following subjects and key stages:

Maths KS1-4
English KS1-5
Science KS1-2
Art and design KS1-5
Biology/Science KS3-5
Physics/Science KS3-4
Geography KS3-5
Psychology KS4-5
Ballet/Dance sessions for all

If you would like to receive free homeschool resources on a weekly basis, click the link below and get signed up. Resources will be sent out on Sunday evenings ready for Monday morning.


Any questions, please drop a message to