Social Transformation

We believe that God loves our communities, and has wonderful plans to breathe more of His life into them. So, we prayerfully and practically engage to see lives and spaces transformed in three key ways:


In meeting people’s practical needs with compassion and provision.


By inviting people into a place of significance and belonging, with opportunities to meet their social, material, and spiritual needs.


Through inspiring confidence for a future marked by worth, purpose, and resilience.

There’s great variety and creativity in how we do this, so we have loads of ways that you can get involved.

In Woking, we have a fantastic building called The Lighthouse, that hosts a wide range of projects including a food bank, creative art workshops, a children’s clothing & equipment bank, cooking classes, a job club, community lunches, confidence workshops for women, a social enterprise coffeehouse, refugee support, bible studies, bread-making classes, life coaching, and much more.

In Guildford, we are currently looking for premises to set up a Lighthouse, but we are already involved in lots of projects. These include supporting families in crisis, visiting the homeless hostel, providing activities and outings for families in need, running holiday clubs, hosting coffee drop-ins, and many others. We also work alongside other churches and organisations in the town visiting prisons and hospitals, running job clubs, providing debt support, offering life skills workshops and praying for people on the streets.

We’d love EVERYONE in the church to be part of seeing our communities transformed through kindness, belief, and hope. So, if you’d like to know more about any of these projects, or have ideas for something new, please email or call the church office.


Are you interested in joining one of our social transformation teams? Send us your details using the form below and we will get in touch.

Community Outreach