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Come encounter God and discover who you are.

Come, find your place here at Emmaus Rd & join us on the journey!!

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A message from our student pastor


During this unprecedented time, all of Emmaus Rd students face to face activities have been postponed until further notice.  Our usual summer schedule is created for those remaining in Guildford, however, this years programme will be online and available for all to join in!  More details can be found below.

The vision is still the same… We want to see a generation of students encounter God and discover who they are!

Come join us & learn who God is, who you are and what that means for the rest of your life!

During this time why not join the army of kindness and give help to those in need or if you and anyone you know is struggling during this difficult time we are here to help through the LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR campaign.

Send an email, we’d love to connect –, or join us online! We’d love to see you there.


Mike Strong


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Emmaus Rd Evening Service

We encourage all students to join in our Sunday Evening Service zoom gathering from 8pm! There will be worship, prayer, teaching & live stream engagement throughout!  You can access the zoom room here.

Student Collectives

Our student collectives run on zoom every Tuesday evening from 7:45pm - 9pm.  It’s a great time to connect in with other students, connect with God, and learn how to connect out to your local community. To join in, look out for the link if you’re in the Whatsapp group or email to get involved!

Students Social Media & Online Content

We're working hard to create amazing tools to help students encounter God & discover who they are whilst having a good laugh in the process…
Stay tuned for the first podcast episodes to be released soon…and practical PDFs for thriving in isolation, Students - Day planner .

Now more than ever is the time to be following @emmrdstudents on Instagram. Follow us and see what all the hype is about … Look forward to doing church with you!


You're Invited

Our leadership team have created a whole menu of activities from online prayer at 8am & 9pm every day, there are many other online events you can get involved with.  Check out

As students in our congregation, you’re invited to everything that is happening in the wider church… We’d love you to get involved & find your place.

Find out all that's happening here.

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Please Note: Emmaus Rd takes the safety of children, young people and adults with care and support needs very seriously. For details of how we do this, you can access our safeguarding policy here.