Prayers for Wildfires 2024 – Online – Emmaus Rd

Prayers for Wildfires 2024 – Online

Prayers for Wildfires 2024 – Online


7:00pm - 8:00pm
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Upcoming dates

19 August, 


Let’s pray for Wildfires Festival 2024!

There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes in preparation for Wildfires in August. Preparations are well underway as more and more people book gather from different church expressions and communities, hungry to see revival in our time. We’ll gather around Camp Fires to deepen friendships and community; pursue together Holy Fire through worship, prayer and teaching; and encounter the Wild Fire of the Holy Spirit to take back to our homes, communities and nations. 

Some of us may be aware that there are visible signs and sparks of the Spirit happening across the Globe and indeed in our own country. We hear news of extended prayer meetings and a real move amongst the young adults in various churches in the UK, with a hunger for Him being ignited. We want to cooperate with what the Holy Spirit is doing, praying into the lead-up to Wildfires that we will be ready and perceptive to what God wants to do in and through all the generations gathered there.


We would love to gather all who have a heart to pray for Wildfires on:

  • Tuesday 9th July
  • Monday 19th August


It would be fantastic if you could make all the dates, but even if you can only make one, you have a significant contribution with what you will bring to the meeting and we will value your presence there.

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