Listening Prayer

Listening Prayer

“I’m tired of being told by others what Jesus is saying to me! I need to hear Him myself!” My friend exclaimed.

“Lets’ do that, then,” I responded. “Why don’t you start by telling Him how you feel, and then asking Him yourself what He wants you to know?”

In the Listening Prayer Course, we learn to lead people into a deeper connection and experience with the Holy Spirit. This deeper connection is often where we find healing and wholeness. Over the last year, about 50 participants, from teens to those in their 70’s, have been trained by Beth Parris, Catherine Bennet and Sue Leach.

“I came to this course with a feeling that my life lay in pieces around me, with nothing on the horizon in any direction. To my surprise I learned there is another direction, which is to go deeper with God. It feels like the start of a journey that I wasn’t expecting, but going deeper with God has to be pretty exciting doesn’t it? It’s one I’m going to pursue in any case.” ~ Bob


Our next Listening Prayer Training Course is on Saturday May 18, 9:30 am – 1 pm.