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Holy Bible Series

The bible is the book that writes the world. It shapes our culture and through it God speaks. But it can be confusing. So how are we to understand and apply the bible in our daily lives? How does it all actually fit together? And what are we to do with the bits that seem contradictory or just plain wrong?
God’s Invitation
Glenn Packiam
24 June 2018

Glenn Packiam, Associate Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs unpacks how to read the Bible and how to make sense of some of its trickier passages as well as how to listen to God’s voice in it’s pages.

God’s Story
Lucy Peppiatt
10 June 2018

In this talk Lucy Peppiatt the Principal of Westminster Theological Centre explains the meta-narrative of scripture. How God’s story fits together as a coherent and compelling testament from Genesis to Revelation, and how we are part of its story.

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