100 Parties. 50 Days.

We are challenging the Emmaus community to throw 100 parties over 50 days.
We want to light up our communities, and we invite you to be part of the fun.


When people gather around a shared passion the reality can be that they will only stay because of friendship. This is why as a growing church community we want to help you deepen existing friendships, create new ones, whilst continuing to reach out to those others we know from our streets, workplaces, schools and universities.

And, what better way to do this than to throw a party!

Here’s our launch video!


Host a Party

We have created an ultimate ideas pack for hosts. Here you can choose the type of party or come up with your own. This can be anything from an autumnal winter walk to an all out fancy dress party. Remember you don’t have to do this on your own. Hosting a party is much more fun to do with a friend or two.

All we need you to register your event which you can do HERE.

Attend a Party

Alongside, many of the other smaller gatherings being hosted by our amazing Emmaus Rd community we will also be putting on some centrally Emmaus Rd hosted parties, open to you and your friends to attend.

There will be 3 centrally hosted events throughout our 50 days and these will be:

Christmas Wreath Making

An International Christmas Celebration

Celebrating the end of 100 Parties 50 Days on the 11th January with:

Saturday Night Takeaway and Quiz Night

Any questions, get in touch with Sabine or Natalie on events@emmausrd.com